6.8.2014 – BJJ

June 12, 2014

Murillo Santana seminar

Warmup was a spider guard to butt scoot – one leg on hip, one leg in crook of elbow.  Drop foot from elbow to mat, pull them forward and get ass underneath oppo.

Spider to X-Guard, underhook sweep

  • Left leg spider, right leg hip.  Right hand collar, not sleve
  • Drop right foot to ground.  Drag yourself under using heel and right hand grip on collar
  • Right hand underhooks their left knee
  • Right (dragging) leg backwards under butt to hook their right hip, knee under butt
  • Left foot drops off elbow, down behind uke’s right ankle
  • Scissor legs to sweep, roll over the leg your feet are on.

Spider to X-Guard, footlock

  • Overhook the right ankle instead of underhooking
  • Get to x guard, sweep
  • Shrimp out just a little to get forearm fully under ankle (at achilles)
  • Right leg goes under their leg, foot to ass or, worst case, outside of hip
  • Left foot into crotch; pinch knees
  • Once locked in, push so hips move up and away from their knee.  Almost a fishhook shape.  Arching shoulders and back helps, but the power comes from the hip movement.

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