6.27.2014 – BJJ

June 27, 2014

Passing position drill from Mike – great stuff


1.  Flip uke to back.  Deep step in with right foot – by their hip.  Pin leg back with knee.

2.  Drop to boat ramp – scoop hips, grab belt or gi waist.  Head down on belly.  Pull uke up on thighs.

3.  If they drop legs on elbows to prevent pass, shuck their left leg up on right shoulder, pin right leg with left hand, cut knee accross.  Posture up – could get a submission right there just from the groin stretch.

4.  Move to over under.  Drop head to hip of raised leg, cup thigh with right arm.  Left arm works under near leg.  Right leg underneath their extended leg.

5.  Move to leg drag hip wind.  Swim head under leg, trap leg with left elbow, grabbing uke’s right lapel.  Trap uke’s left bicep with right hand.  Move to head and arm, or ezekiel, or side control.  Or mount.


Also worked rolling back take.  If caught in quarter guard, overhook top leg with trapped leg.  Roll to that shoulder, they come right with you.  Crazy.


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