7.29.2014 – Crossfit

August 1, 2014


Power Clean

1×5@95, 125, 145



Bear Complex (5 Sets)
Power Clean
Front Squat
Push Press
Back Squat
Second Push Press

Each combination of the five movements is considered one repetition.  You will be completing 7 repetitions in one set, increasing the weight, and then completing a total of 5 work sets.  This is not a timed workout, this is for max weight only.  Rest as needed between sets, but try to not let the bar touch the ground during your 7 reps.


1×7@45, 95, 105; 1×3@115

Rather missed the part about not putting the bar down during the sets of 7.  Next time start at 75lbs, go up by 10s.


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