1.10.13 – Update

January 10, 2013

Been doing crossfit about 3x week.  Slowly, slowly working back into form.  Back generally feels quite good.  Still muscular soreness, which is to be expected.  Get slight pressure under the left shoulder blade and a little tingle in the left hand when I do heavy overhead lifts – but those symptoms have been reducing over time and the Doc assures me they’ll go away completely.

Been cleared to go back on the mats on January 23.  Will do the basics classes only for a while – it’s going to take a month or two for all the neck and back muscles to loosen up enough that I’ll feel comfortable exposing myself to a choke.



July 24, 2012

Because I can’t remember:

8KG/18lb Pink

12KG/26lb Light Blue

16KG/35 lb  Yellow

20KG/44lb Purple

24KG/53lb Green

28KG/62lb Orange

32KG/70lb Red

36KG/80lb Grey

40KG/88lb White

44KG/97lb  Silver

48KG/106LB  Gold



I’m a bad blogger

January 6, 2012

Or, more accurately, have done a poor job on my training log.  What’s happened since October:

–  Earned my first stripe.

–  Went through crossfit orientation at Crossfit Silver Spring.  Primary takeaway – I’m kind of weak.  Will fix that starting Tuesday.

–  Tore intracostal cartilage – twice.  Also separated a shoulder.  Two doctor visits, lots of ibuprofen, everything’s pretty much fine at this point.

–  Haven’t been on the bike.  In part due to the schedule issues posed by the crossfit orientation, in part due to lingering bad taste from my last interaction with a wannabe pro that decided I was riding too close.  Four bike lengths apparently isn’t enough.  I need to get over it and ride.


What is this?

October 27, 2011

I started training Muay Thai and BJJ on September 7, 2011, a week before I turned 39.  My wife calls it my midlife crisis.  I call it the best thing going that’s not my wife or kids.

This is a training log.  The first couple of posts are rump entries from my google doc.  I’m using this format primarily because hashtags will make finding stuff much easier than it would be to do so in a google doc.  I seriously doubt it will be interesting to anyone, but I’ll go ahead and keep it public for giggles.