6.27.2014 – BJJ

June 27, 2014

Passing position drill from Mike – great stuff


1.  Flip uke to back.  Deep step in with right foot – by their hip.  Pin leg back with knee.

2.  Drop to boat ramp – scoop hips, grab belt or gi waist.  Head down on belly.  Pull uke up on thighs.

3.  If they drop legs on elbows to prevent pass, shuck their left leg up on right shoulder, pin right leg with left hand, cut knee accross.  Posture up – could get a submission right there just from the groin stretch.

4.  Move to over under.  Drop head to hip of raised leg, cup thigh with right arm.  Left arm works under near leg.  Right leg underneath their extended leg.

5.  Move to leg drag hip wind.  Swim head under leg, trap leg with left elbow, grabbing uke’s right lapel.  Trap uke’s left bicep with right hand.  Move to head and arm, or ezekiel, or side control.  Or mount.


Also worked rolling back take.  If caught in quarter guard, overhook top leg with trapped leg.  Roll to that shoulder, they come right with you.  Crazy.


6.25.2014 – BJJ

June 25, 2014

Didn’t manage to get to class until 11:30, which sucked.  But at least I rolled.

Getting smash passed by the better guys on the regular.  Very, very frustrating.  Tried side control escapes/guard recovery, got not very far.  Time to keep working, I guess.

On the bright side, I did work a little spider guard, managed a poor man’s flower sweep from spider in last roll, though didn’t get quite all the way on top.


6.19.2014 – BJJ

June 19, 2014

Got to the 6:30 class at about 7, just in time to start rolling.  Quick block of instruction on keeping the back.  Key appears to be keeping your sternum pressed up under their shoulder blade.  If they worm out, maintain chest-to-back contact, go to sprawl, retake.

Worked on keeping grips and maintaining guard, went a bit better – need to keep working on leg and foot movement, instead of moving and then stopping.

Big realization was that I’m completely fucking up my approach to escape from side control.  I keep looking for some sort of half assed sweep instead of creating a little space and going for a guard recovery.  Need to drill that into my head.

6.8.2014 – BJJ

June 12, 2014

Murillo Santana seminar

Warmup was a spider guard to butt scoot – one leg on hip, one leg in crook of elbow.  Drop foot from elbow to mat, pull them forward and get ass underneath oppo.

Spider to X-Guard, underhook sweep

  • Left leg spider, right leg hip.  Right hand collar, not sleve
  • Drop right foot to ground.  Drag yourself under using heel and right hand grip on collar
  • Right hand underhooks their left knee
  • Right (dragging) leg backwards under butt to hook their right hip, knee under butt
  • Left foot drops off elbow, down behind uke’s right ankle
  • Scissor legs to sweep, roll over the leg your feet are on.

Spider to X-Guard, footlock

  • Overhook the right ankle instead of underhooking
  • Get to x guard, sweep
  • Shrimp out just a little to get forearm fully under ankle (at achilles)
  • Right leg goes under their leg, foot to ass or, worst case, outside of hip
  • Left foot into crotch; pinch knees
  • Once locked in, push so hips move up and away from their knee.  Almost a fishhook shape.  Arching shoulders and back helps, but the power comes from the hip movement.

5.27.2014 – BJJ

May 27, 2014

First class in forever.

Worked gesa katame to crucifix.  Key points of performance:

  • Triangle legs to secure trapped arm if you can’t get the sub off the gesa
  • focus on maintaining head control first.  When transitioning, scoop head with near arm before using far arm to isolate their far arm

Two five minute rolls.  Started from the bottom in gesa katame.  First roll with Ross the powerlifter, rolled him right over, stayed on top for the full five.  Second roll with a kid I don’t know.  Submitted me with a kimura from full guard – need to figure out what the escape is there.  Reversed him after the restart. 


Felt great to be back on the mats.

4.22.2014 – BJJ

April 22, 2014

Back step pass from half guard.

Use when they win the undertook battle. Drive elbow of arm that they got the under hook on down to the mat, preferably inside their bottom armpit. Keep weight down, swing free leg in high arc back to post. Move to mount or free leg.


Basic: grab uke’s collar with top hand. Post up on bottom elbow, force them forward with your collar grip and work out of inevitable scramble.

Advanced: Grab uke’s collar with bottom hand. Pull them back onto you, so your hips are flat, aligned with spine/torso. Fish free/top hand under their arm, get grip on pants by knee. Unhook top leg, swing under their trapped ankle, then lift top leg while bridging with bottom leg, grips, over bottom shoulder. Move to back.

4.17.2014 – BJJ

April 19, 2014

Two takedowns from coach Tim –

1.  Knee tap.  Lapel grip with right hand, left hand on uke’s sleeve, elbow, or wrist.  Head to left side of their head if possible.  Pull down, big step back with left leg, rotating counterclockwise – this gets their right leg forward.  Grab tendon/pants with left hand, punch accross with right hand while pulling their leg back.  If you do it just right, end up with knee on belly with left hand still holding pants.


2.  He called it a modified firemans throw, looks like a modified grip drop seoi nage.  Same side lapel grip with left hand, just under armpit – inside their arm.  Pop their elbow down so hand remains inside, bicep on outside.  Rotate to left, right knee to mat, follow in with left knee, then just fall over to left side.  Work to kesa gatame or side control.

4.3.2014 – BJJ

April 3, 2014

Worked an armbar setup from closed guard.

3.27.2014 – BJJ

March 28, 2014

Promoted to blue belt. Sweet.

bb promotion

group photo

3.19.2014 – BJJ

March 19, 2014

Masters class w/ Coach Issac.


Five! eight minute rolls to close out.  Takeaways –

1.  Coach Issac is so far beyond my capabilities it’s not even funny.  I didn’t completely gas and quit, so there’s that.

2.  Pulled a drop seoi nage.  Was sloppy – ended up in half guard, but it worked. 

3.  Found myself a couple of times working around to side control, but uke had arms framed and I couldn’t get chest to chest.  Need to talk to one of the coaches to figure out what to do about that.