Like an idiot, tried to forward roll out of an omoplata on Friday during my last training session in a month long string.  Didn’t tuck head to side, got caught with my weight on my neck, felt some crackling up high.

Back/shoulder has tightened up again – it’s pressure, not pain, in the same old spot.  Occasional tingling in the fingers/tricep, muscle twitches in the back, lat, and forearm.

I don’t think I herniated another disk, but instead stretched out/irritated the same nerve.  So stupid.

Worth noting that what really seemed to resolve the post-surgery issue was a combination of dry needling and massage.    So, got a quick massage from David today, have another scheduled for Monday.  Will hit the ibu, lift weights instead of roll, and generally take it easy.  Hopefully this will follow the same pattern as before and settle out over a period of weeks or months.

On the bright side, lower back feels pretty damn good.  David is a wizard.