Like an idiot, tried to forward roll out of an omoplata on Friday during my last training session in a month long string.  Didn’t tuck head to side, got caught with my weight on my neck, felt some crackling up high.

Back/shoulder has tightened up again – it’s pressure, not pain, in the same old spot.  Occasional tingling in the fingers/tricep, muscle twitches in the back, lat, and forearm.

I don’t think I herniated another disk, but instead stretched out/irritated the same nerve.  So stupid.

Worth noting that what really seemed to resolve the post-surgery issue was a combination of dry needling and massage.    So, got a quick massage from David today, have another scheduled for Monday.  Will hit the ibu, lift weights instead of roll, and generally take it easy.  Hopefully this will follow the same pattern as before and settle out over a period of weeks or months.

On the bright side, lower back feels pretty damn good.  David is a wizard.


8.15.2014 – Crossfit

August 16, 2014

Thrusters @ 95

22:20. Felt better as time went on.

8.14.2014 – Crossfit

August 16, 2014

At Crossfit obx

Dead lift

Fucked up my metric math. Started at 155, ended up setting a 1RM of 331. Felt easy.

Dont remember the Metcon

8.13.2014 – Ride

August 16, 2014

22 mile ride with Sharon. 17.4 mph average. Back tightened up, sort of a problem.

8.12.2014 – run

August 12, 2014

5.2 miles, 8.24 pace, 43:45 total

8.11.2014 – Crossfit

August 11, 2014

At Crossfit OBX

Front squat

1×3 @ 225, 177, 3×3 @ 199


3 min handstand
100 air squats
50m handstand walk
100 air squats
30 hspu

Subbed shoulder touches for HS walk, box push-ups for hspu

5.31.2014 – Crossfit

May 31, 2014

Fight Gone Bad (3 Rounds for reps)

Three rounds of:
Wall-ball Shots (Reps in one minute), 20#
Sumo deadlift high-pull (Reps in one minute), 75#
Box Jumps, 20″ (Reps in one minute)
Push-press (Reps in one minute), 75#
Row (Calories in one minute)
1-minute rest

1.  Got Jordan to the gym, and he’s signing up.  Guy’s a beast – he’ll be killing me in months, if not weeks.

2.  Am going to need to talk to Jara and Sean about getting a lift in, either before or after, the Saturday WOD.  I’m all for the big ticket WODs, but not at the expense of the strength training.

3.  Did a mini workout with Zoe and Izzy.  Both did rope climbs, and I then had Zoe do air squats, 20lb kb squats, wall balls with a basketball, and press (3×5) with a training bar.  Jara seemed interested in making a class out of it.  That would be fantastic.

5.29.2014 – BJJ

May 31, 2014

Belt/stripe test day.  Couple of interesting things:

1.  I got destroyed by Danny, as usual, and then in the last round a guy who got promoted to blue belt and is trying out for the fight team.  So in one sense, no shame.  In another, my guard sucks.  In retrospect, I don’t think I even once got my grips – I just flopped to my back, let him smash or toss my legs, and then survived for as long as possible.  Which is bullshit.  Maybe I’m wrong, but I think I can improve my guard by leaps and bounds just by focusing on (a) getting my grips, and (b) keeping my legs active.  So that’s my focus over the next quarter.

2.  Master Nak (maybe someday I’ll feel comfortable typing that – I need to think of it as a rank, not a value judgement) had us mix notional strikes into the last couple of rolls.  I thought I’d be excited for the opportunity, but it highlighted how I’ve been trained to think pure grappling.  I only thought to do it once (against Mark), and was totally surprised when he got into a position and dropped a few on me.  His overarching point was “think about this like you’re fighting, not like you’re playing a sport.”  Which has some real value, especially for those of us who simply aren’t going to be competitive sport grapplers.

5.29.2014 – Crossfit

May 31, 2014

Last class at CFSS

LII Strength:
Wendler Press:
Cycle 3, week 2 (3 @ 70% / 3 @ 80% / 3+ @ 90%)

3@75, 3@85, 7@95

LII Conditioning:
Row 500 meters
AMRAP 10 minutes
12 Plate OH lunges
12 KB Swings
6 Toes to Bar

Did 5+18

4.12.14 – Crossfit

April 13, 2014


Wendler Press

cycle 1, week 3 (5 @ 75%/3 @ 85%/1+ @ 95%)

5@75, 3@85, 1@95

Reset 1RM from 130 to 110 after bonking on the first set of 5 at 130.  Don’t really understand what’s going on with the OHP – that’s a drop-off from where I was less than six months ago.

Also did two sets of OHS.  5@75lbs.  Much harder without the weightlifting shoes.  You know you fucked up when your set ends with your teeth clacking together and a tuft of your hair on the center of the bar.  Glancing blow, but didn’t feel good.

LII Conditioning:
AMRAP 12 minutes:
6 SA KB Thrusters, Left
12 SA KB Swings, Left
6 SA KB Thrusters, Right
12 SA KB Swings, Right
Run 300 meters