1.17.2014 – Injury update

January 17, 2014

Saw Sanders about the elbows.  Seemed confused by the fact that the right isn’t completely healed, and that the left is now starting to hurt.

Said the numbness at night is a separate issue, not much to be done about it other than not sleeping with bent elbows.  Which I guess is fine.

Doc’s advice was to stop babying it (which I probably should have done more of) and see what happens.  Have another appt in five weeks.


11.22.2013 – Medical

November 22, 2013

Saw Sanders on 7.14.2013.  Said elbow was coming along, would continue to improve.


Not convinced, in part because I think I overworked it.  More research found this:  http://www.drjuliansaunders.com/resources/feature_articles/dodgy_elbows/

Lots of other articles seem to support the idea, and it can’t hurt.  So started eccentric curl routine on 11.18.2013.  3×10, two times/day, every other day.  Seems like it might be working…  we’ll see.

11.1.13 – Medical

November 1, 2013

Second floss session.

10.31.2013 – Medical

October 31, 2013

Right elbow feels better, but clearly is not cured.  Still sore to touch, and notwithstanding the fact that I’ve been babying it, aches a bit.  Left elbow occassionaly twinging as well.

Discovered Kelly Starr’s “voodoo floss” bands, and video demonstrating it on an MMA fighter for exactly my problem.  Figured it’s worth $24 to give it a try.

Did first floss sessions evening of 10.31 with Sharon’s help.  Her comment?  “I think I smell snake oil.”


I don’t think so.  Left elbow hasn’t twinged since.  Right elbow feels less sore.  Will keep flossing once per day and see what happens.

10.17.2013 – Crossfit

October 17, 2013

SA KB Thruster
5-5-5-5-5 / arm

Left arm:  16-20-24-24-24

Did goblet squats as a sub for right arm
AMRAP 15 minutes:
10 Kettlebell Swings
10 Sit Ups
1 Lap Bear Crawl
Six rounds.  No partner, so rested 1 minute between rounds.  Not sure if it was the kb swings or the bear crawl, but the elbow wasn’t thrilled.  Didn’t twinge, but ached a little bit.


Also have been getting twinges in my left elbow.  Getting rediculous.

10.16.2013 – Medical

October 16, 2013

Sanders was right.  Knee felt immensely better after the first day back doing squats.  My guess is that there were adhesions within the knee that needed to be broken up.


On the plus side of all this, my back feels great after a month off.  Need to keep it that way.

10.11.2013 – Medical

October 11, 2013

Follow-up on knee/ankle with Sanders.

Ankle felt like it was coming along, but knee felt worse – clicking and popping, soreness particularly where the hamstring and the knee intersect on the outside.

Sanders said, basically, stop being a wuss.  Get back into the gym and let it work itself out.

Allrighty then.


10.2.2013 – Medical

October 2, 2013

Second PRP injection.  Didn’t feel a whole lot of improvement from the first one, though Sanders said that might be the case.  We’ll see.

9.25.13 – Medical

September 25, 2013

Figured while I was out of commission for the knee I’d get the golfers elbow (right) taken care of.  First PRP injection morning of the 25th.

Took about a week for the pain from the injection itself to wear off.  Second injection scheduled for Oct. 9.

9.13.13 – Medical update

September 13, 2013

Soreness primarily on the outside of the ankle and in the achilles, with secondary soreness in the knee.  Definitely limping.

Happened to get in to see Sanders.  Said the knee was fine, nothing ruptured in the ankle.   4-6 weeks.